An epic adventure full of whimsy, wonder, and $3k cheeseburgers [the sarasota children's garden]

When you were a child, how much would you have loved a magical garden to explore in the middle of your city? I know I absolutely would have loved to play in a garden of make believe and whimsy... So when we're on the Gulf Coast, we like to take the LIMH kiddos to The Sarasota Children's Garden.

Located just north of Downtown Sarasota, this hidden gem is an enchanting place for explorers of all ages!

Discover all kinds of wonders

Follow the yellow brick road into the garden and you will find a dress up room, a koi pond, a pirate ship, a tree fort, a garden maze, the 3 Little Pig's houses, a giant octopus sandbox, a tower of colorful sand-filled tires to climb... And so much more!

The garden maze...

It's T's absolute favorite part of the adventure! He calls The Children's Garden the "scary playground" because of the clever little metal "monster" sculptures hidden inside the maze.

The concessions stand

There's a little stand made of old pallets that occupied the boys for quite some time. They were very busy selling each other cheeseburgers at way overinflated prices. Seriously, the prices ranged from $3k for a single burger to just under a thousand dollars when the burgers were ordered in bulk. Listening to a near three year old explain that an order for 50 cheeseburgers was going to cost "$48,000" was one of the more adorable things I've experienced in the recent past. 

The $48,000 cheeseburger order

The tower of tires

There was much climbing, jumping, semi-graceful landing, and sitting quite triumphantly atop the tower of colorful tires!

Do you and your kiddos have a favorite lovely local place to hang in your area? 

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