T.A.C.O. Tuesday | Summer in Two Mediums

Acrylic & Colored Pencil

Summer is my least favorite season, and the longer and heavier and hotter my hair gets, the more my distaste for the heat and humidity grow.

I caught myself doing a little too much complaining and hiding from the sun in the safety of air conditioned environments. So, in an effort to bring a little positivity to this time of year, I decided to use it as inspiration for an art journal.

The piece is brightly colored because sunshine and happiness...and the ice cream is melting because it's freaking hot outside.  

For today's T.A.C.O. Tuesday, I encourage you to let yourself be inspired by summer... and since constraints boost creativity, limit yourself to 2 mediums.  

Super awesome bonus--


This is the first page in my new birthday art journal and I absolutely adored the experience of creating on this paper! This is the first time I'd run across the softcover Strathmore mixed media journals, and I'm in love! The 90lb, acid-free cotton paper is strong enough to withstand my damp style of mixed media, with a vellum finish that is a pleasure to sketch on.


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