T.A.C.O. Tuesday | Still Life Silliness

So we meet again... you and I, and a Tuesday. To make some art.

Yay! Art!

Well... lets get on with it, eh?! With this T.A.C.O. Tuesday, I wanted to play with intentional framing. To mix and match and remake items within the frame.... to keep in our awareness what we are including as well as what we are excluding.

The constraints go like this: take 3 items from around your house, find a natural light source, and arrange your items within your frame. You'll be taking at least 5 different pictures; change your angle, the arrangement of the items, change your lens... but don't change your light source. And be sure to include all 3 items in every photo.  Post process your heart out, but don't crop. 

I've found a styrofoam head, a makeup brush and a tabletop ironing board. 

I wonder what you'll find?..... Don't forget to share your images with us on FB!