T.A.C.O. Tuesday | Nature


Meet Mr. Rhinoceros Beetle. He was hard to put in the "kill jar"... his size and presence made it difficult for me to add him to our collection. I thanked the universe for the offering, thanked Mr. Rhino Beetle here for his gift to homeschool science, and here he sits, pinned and inspiring me for this week's T.A.C.O. Tuesday. There are many ways we can let nature inspire us, and spending time contemplating the natural world and all its wonders is refreshing for the soul.

I chose to throw the lensbaby sweet 35 with a macro converter on the camera and shoot these images. You might want to do a leaf print, whittle a piece of wood, make a fairy garden in your backyard, photograph a sunset... the possibilities of creativity meets nature truly are endless. 

Set aside some time for yourself to ponder nature...or better yet, get lost in it! There's no test and the only barrier to entry is a desire to express oneself creatively so don't overthink it. And please don't forget, art shared is a beautiful thing--- don't forget to post your creations to the Facebook page.