T.A.C.O. Tuesday | Look at the Bright Side

This week, I suggest you explore your fears. Choose one that comes up as a common theme, one that you see holding you back, and transform it to an affirmation in an art journal. Mix your media or just sketch your heart out...the method doesn't matter, this one's about soul. Your soul... embarking on the journey to shining brighter. Vibrating higher. Come fly away with me to the land of dreams, where we're all brave enough to be ourselves. 

 Come fly away with me to the land of dreams, where we're all brave enough to be ourselves. 

I've spent the last decade doing my best to stay conscious of the fact that fear doesn't serve my greater good... it doesn't get me anywhere but stuck. I am too in love with this moment, this life, this very breath I'm taking here and now, to miss it...to let it slip past unnoticed...to dishonor the miracle that is my existence. I will not surrender my moments to my fears. 

We've scrambled to the top of the food chain, our technological revolution outpacing our evolution, and while we may not have saber toothed tigers chasing us we still have the biological inclination to need something to fear. We make things up. We exaggerate and fabricate, desperate to validate ourselves. And for me, my go-to fear is that I'm not good enough. Lately, not good enough has translated to "there just isn't enough of me". I have two partners, four kids, three dogs, and countless passions that call to me to invest my time and my heart.  There are only 24 hours in each day and I'd really like to spend a few of them sleeping. 

It takes courage to really look at what scares us. Sometimes just the thought of admitting to ourselves, or to someone else, that we are afraid seems an act of impossible bravery. Sometimes, a really good start to unraveling our fears and trudging forth with confidence into the world is through being honest with ourselves. I find my journals, especially my art journals, a really good way to do just that. 

This piece is all about my fear of not being enough, of falling short and somehow failing my family. My fear of not having enough of myself to give to those that I have promised my life and love to...those that have chosen me as their tour guides to life and this whole human experience, this incarnation, the animals that have blessed me with their friendship in exchange for food and water and pets.... extending out to the whole rest of the world that benefits from my shining brightly. 

What are you afraid of?  What fear comes up again and again, putting up road blocks between you and your art; to you making a life of beauty and intention?  Ask yourself these questions and sit with them for a day or two. Really let the depth of the words sink in. Once you've identified a fear, or three or five or ten, take one (or all of them if you're feeling artsy and adventurous) and paint the positive side of it. And if you're feeling extra brave, you can share it with us on the Facebook page.