T.A.C.O. Tuesday | Little Inspirations

It's been awhile since I've put out a T.A.C.O. Tuesday, and I apologize for that.

I know that as a blogger, even when you're absent for awhile, you shouldn't draw attention to the absence... or apologize for it... you should just put out more stuff.

Yes. Yes. I know.

But here I am drawing attention to it and apologizing because T.A.C.O. Tuesday is fun, for me and hopefully my readers as well....and I'm feeling like kind of an asshole for letting this much time elapse.  I'm wanting to get back at it with some sort of regularity because art is good for my soul and I love to share techniques and inspirations. 

My life is kind of in flux right now, so I'm not making any promises, except this one...I am going to try to allow myself to be inspired to create more, and to share those creations here with you. 

I recently had a friend over for the day to make some art. I cleaned off my art table so we'd have space to work, got out some supplies, found a journal to work in, and had NO idea where to start. I know that the first step to beating creative block is to just make a mark, so I looked around for something, anything, no matter how random or nonsensical, to inspire me. Within moments my eyes landed on a page my youngest daughter had created in her own art journal.


So, I set out to re-create it.

I spotted some tiny popsicle sticks I purchased forever ago (because I love tiny versions of things), and immediately thought they would make the perfect tree trunks. Some Liquitex burnt umber paint gave them their color. 

I laid the flowers on the blank page with modeling paste and a floral stencil, and then I added color to the background with Dina Wakely's acrylic paints (I love the body and the colors-her paint is a must have for me!).



I spotted some scraps in perfect house colors and cut out the pieces.

I used a china marker to outline the house. The tree tops were torn and painted corrugated cardboard I had lying around (I save everything!), the clouds were made of cheesecloth (one of my favorites!). Next, I added some strips of washi tape and cut out stamped flowers.

Again, I used a stencil and modeling paste to make the sun rays, and the "magnificent" is a scrap I had torn from a finished piece of art I didn't much care for. I have been saving it for soooo--oooooo--ooo long now, waiting for the perfect home for it.

And finally, rub on transfer letters spelling "home", and the piece was complete. 

Is it my best work?

No. (But I still really like it.)

Was it fun?

So very much, yes!

Sometimes I like to take my inspiration from anywhere and everywhere and run with it.

Sometimes, I remember to play. 



So this T.A.C.O. Tuesday is all about the little inspirations and allowing yourself the freedom to play. Sit down with your art journal and supplies, look around you, find the first thing that grabs your eye and let inspire a spread. 

Let yourself play, and share your creations with us!

Tag us on Instagram (@lightinmyhands) or share them on our Facebook wall...we can't wait to see!