T.A.C.O. Tuesday | Kick Your Own Ass

Mixed media in a Hand. Book Journal Co. watercolor journal

Today's T.A.C.O Tuesday is for those of you who are stuck in a rut;  those of you whose muse is frolicking through the land of dreams and creations with some other lucky soul. Or perhaps to web clip in Evernote for future creative blocks?. 

I would say that I can not recall the last time I created something, but my blog posts are dated so I happen to know that it was the washtub shoot with T on the 10th of August. Thirteen days ago. I remember it started when I caught a summer cold that had me down and out for over a week. And then T was teething and going through a growth spurt. And I found myself exhausted and up against a creative wall. My first instinct was to get all emo on it, after all... I identify as a creative and so if I can not create, or in this most recent case, even think a creative thought; who am I? This is what that adorable forever 25 year old emo artist in me came up with.  And she moped.

The children bored of me; my partners bored of me; I was boring myself. And then, right there in my FB feed was the exact blog post I needed to read in that moment. There could not have been more perfect timing.

"Our creative life, the very nature of how most of us work internally, is rhythmic. Brilliant creativity is unsustainable day-to-day. A wave that has a high, but is not flanked by lows, is not a wave: it's placid water." -David duChemin


Many thanks to David duChemin for sharing his insights and inspirations; this wasn't the first time reading his blog has pulled me out of my own head in the midst of a creative block/rut/lull/whatever you want to call it. I could preach to you here about the importance of honoring both the highs and the lows; I could reiterate his point that "brilliant creativity is unsustainable", and it is. I could type for awhile on the importance of learning to "ride those waves", but it's already been done. Beautifully. Here

I encourage you to take a moment and go read it, and expect to get lost in his blog for awhile. Then come join us back here and get un-stuck. Come make a mark with us!



Take a moment; a deep breath of inspiration. Pinterest inspiring art and photographs, visit a museum, take a book to the beach, spend the day painting... whatever feeds you, make some time to do just that. 



Then kick yourself right in your creative rump and make something! In an art journal, on a canvas, on your breakfast cereal box if that strikes your fancy! Take a picture, write an essay, finger paint with your toddler. 

Go! Get yourself some inspiration and then make something. anything. Who cares if it doesn't turn out? There's always gesso!
And if you fall in love with the end result, stop by FB and share it with us!