T.A.C.O. Tuesday | Cinco de Mayo

It's Tuesday. It's the 5th of May. That's about the extent of the relevance of Cinco de Mayo to this little art venture. My apologies if you thought we'd be crafting the perfect margarita...instead, we are crafting with friends. Or enemies, if you're feeling particularly zen. 

Sharing the experience of completing a piece with a friend can be a ton of fun and I find it to be a good cure for my creative blocks. I opted for mixed media due to it's versatility. Embrace your mistakes and know that the end result could vary wildly from any ideas you may have had at the start. 

The project parameters are as follows.... A single project completed by two or more humans using two or more mediums. 

Nikki and I worked on this piece by taking turns adding new elements, while keeping an open dialogue about where we saw the piece going. We set aside a block of time and worked side by side, listening to Spotify and drinking an IPA. Ok, so only I was drinking the IPA...but Nikki, knowing how dearly I love them, took an obligatory sip that she undoubtedly found more bitter and unappealing than she let on. 

Another way to work would be to have one person start the piece and one person finish it, add a time limit for added fun; or you might want to pass it back and forth but skip the dialogue, every addition a new surprise and really good practice for letting go of attachment. Whatever you fancy, it's Tuesday... go make some art! 

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