T.A.C.O. Tuesday | Mixed Media Person

Yay! My favorite time of year, Christmas is finally over! Yeah, that's right... I said it; I don't much enjoy the holidays. I've learned to deal with the situation with more grace though, kids and the making of memories and whatnot. So while I'm not such a scrooge anymore, that doesn't change how overwhelming I find the season; from shopping to crowds to the spike in the attendance of social gatherings. I'm just a smidgen too introverted and I find all of this makes gets me feeling a bit weary by the time it's all over. But, lucky me! Here comes January with a much needed reprieve; a quiet lull in the whirring energy of the end of 2014. Standing at the beginning of a new year brings a beautiful peace that comes with the sea of endless possibilities that lay ahead of us as. In this quiet space, we are resting from our big adventure to the middle of middle MO, catching up on a little work and planning a few super cool projects for the coming year.

Enough of my prattling on already!.. lets get to today's T.A.C.O. Tuesday...Mixed Media People!

Grab a surface, make a background (or don't..whatever it is you prefer); add a person. Make sure to cut and paste at least one element... don't be afraid to be creative. Just let yourself play. This is a good project for you to share with littles, too.

Give in to your inner kiddo that longs to make a mark without judgement from your inner critic.

Cut, paste, paint, stencil... spin around in circles blindfolded and put paint to paper, leaving art to chance. Maybe there's a lesson there? Maybe every one of us could learn to leave more to chance, to take risks? I've learned to allow myself the space to play creatively and find I am rewarded with more and more creativity. Make art like a child, fully immersed and for the love of it...it's good for the spirit.

Happy arting!

(Don't forget to share your work with us here, on Facebook.)