T.A.C.O. Tuesday | Embellishments

This T.A.C.O. Tuesday, we will be making our own embellishments. The elements in my art are often pulled from many places, and one of those places I like to pull from is a pool of my own random spurts of creativity. D.I.Y. is kind of my jam. I enjoy anything handmade, with all of the imperfections and beautiful mistakes. Life is messy; art is life. I don't always have the time (or want to spend the time it takes) to make my own embellishments as I'm working on a particular piece or journal page, so once in a while I'll sit down and make a batch of elements. Today I chose to use stamps, though sometimes I prefer to sketch shapes or simple illustrations in ink instead.

This is a great way to make something out of all of the backgrounds made of leftover paint that I have just lying around...also, the many scattered pieces of paper the littles have painted. I buy them small $1 pads of acrylic paper in the bins by the registers at Joann's and they paint at a rate of about 2 sheets per minute. I let their masterpieces hang on display with their other art in the homeschool room for a time, and then I put the truly brilliant pieces away for forever keeping and repurpose what's left over into other works of art.

This week we're making our own elements and next week we'll be using them. Follow along with what I've done here or forge your own path. Don't forget to share your creations with us on FB!