Stop Studying. Make Something.

Stop reading books.  Stop watching videos.  

Get off of the internet, you've read all the blogs and then some.  

Go MAKE something.  

Get off your ass and create.

Go make some're good at that.

These are the things I've been telling myself lately and with good reason.

I find, every once in a while, that I need a reminder...something to remind me that I've got this whole artist/photographer/creatrix thing down, plus tons and tons of technical and artistic know-how.  

There's nothing wrong with honing your craft(s).  If you're not in love with your art, why are you making it?  And, if you're in love with your art, of course you'd want to study and absorb and learn and grow and get better in each new moment.  The next stroke of the brush that touches canvas is a little more skilled than the last, the next shutter release backed by a bit more knowledge of light and composition.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I need a reminder that I've always been an artist... that all of the studying has simply been polishing my already present abilities.  

Sometimes I need to give myself permission to create.

Not everyone has it.  The technical side of it can be learned, but not the connected aspect...not the "living in the ever-incredible now" part that makes a technician into an artist.  That part is not in books or on the internet.  You can't buy that in any video series.  

This connection is a path of the heart... a path that is open to anyone, no matter how "not creative" they may profess themselves to be, if only they're willing to fearlessly venture forth.  To wake up to the eternal now.

If you're reading this and you already identify as a creative, consider it an invitation to go make something.  If you're one of those folks who tells themselves, and the rest of us, that you're just not the creative type, consider this an invitation to step outside of your fear.  This is an invitation to embrace this beautiful moment you're in and go make something ugly.  Take 1,000 terrible pictures.  Start an art journal and don't be afraid to fill it with what you will most likely see as mistakes...what you will probably at first use to identify your lack of creativity.  

Don't be fooled by all of the pretty stuff we show you in our portfolios.  All artists have tons of ugly under their belts.  It's just a part of the process.  At the beginning, as you work towards unshackling your heart from the chains of fear and self doubt, you will most likely have very few pieces you feel particularly proud of.  

Don't don't have to show anyone the sketch pieces that lead you to your masterpiece.  And, don't forget, we're all connected to the same eternity.  Our separateness is merely an illusion.  

I am no more or less an artist than you, some days, I'm just more willing to face my fears and to tell my inner critic to go kick rocks.