Photos, Dinosaurs, and Making Memories

T's great grandma sent him an adorable new pair of dinosaur pajamas and I just had to photograph him in them! Of course I had to sew a stuffed dino for him first... and come up with a workable set in like zero days because xmas is almost here and I've got SOOOoooo much to do that I seriously don't even have time to throw in a little last minute prehistoric mini session. But he's growing so fast.  We made the time. 

And we had so much fun!

He was so happy to sit for photos!

Ever since his donut smash and art smash, a shoot with the blue seamless is one of his favorite things! 

After we got our dino shots, he clearly communicated to us in a serious of random toddler sounds and pointing, that he wanted his canvas (the one from his art smash) down off the wall. 

Nikki handed it to him and he carried it to the set and posed himself for photos!    

(Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?!)

My favorite part of the whole session was when I started to put my camera away and he sat down on the stool and signed "more"... and then posed for a few more shots.