Styling Tips For a Fabulous Photo Session

Don't let choosing what to wear and where to shoot overwhelm you! Below you will find a collection of styling tips that you can use to rock your next shoot!

Where to Start

You've got to start somewhere. Let your location inform your wardrobe choices or let your wardrobe choices inform your location.  You want the two to work together... high heels at the beach wouldn't make a lot of sense.

Choose a color scheme... a couple of main colors to work with and an extra *pop* of color that appears in accessories/layers. Think coordinating, not matching.  Blue jeans and matching solid color t-shirts aren't necessary, we know you're together because you're getting photographed together. 

It helps to start with a focal point and build from there...that perfect skirt you found for your little princess or the maxi dress you have in your closet that you're dying to get photographed in. Once you've chosen a single accessory or article of clothing, it's much easier for the rest of the wardrobe to fall into place. 

Timeless has it's place... start with a classic outfit and add personality with layers, textures, and accessories. 

Think minimalist for newborn sessions.  Skip the layers here and think simple, neutral, and soft.  Your precious new wee one is the star of the show, we don't want wardrobe overshadowing them.



Think you, squared.

Wardrobe is a place for your personality to really shine through.

Shine on!

Be sure to allow your children some space to shine, too. If your little guy wears his rain boots everywhere, bring them along to your shoot!  We're not just making photographs, we're making memories, and I promise those boots are going to melt your heart when he's all grown with a life and a family of his own. 

Speaking of rain boots...

Shoes are a great place to infuse a little personality into your images.

Also.. Shoes can make or break a photo, so you might want to trade the sneakers, character shoes, crocs, and flip-flops for boots, leather sandals, Converse All-Stars, Sperry's, Toms, Mary-Janes...

Or just go barefoot! *Especially babies... bare feet are so much more adorable than the bottoms of shoes!


Layers & Textures

I love texture. It adds depth and interest to a photo... hand knits, crochet, ruffles, ribbons, etc. Patterned clothing is another good way to add texture... mixing and matching patterns is fun!

Layers add texture and variety... think belts, scarves, tights, vests, blazers, cardigans...



Hats, bowties, suspenders, jewelry, leg warmers, headbands, flowers in the hair, scarves... Fabulous accessories are a good way to add some personality and can really bring the image together. Just remember to keep them complimentary to the subject and overall feel of the image.



Don't forget comfort... Being on the business end of a camera lens can be uncomfortable enough, you don't want to find yourself there in pants that are giving you a mega-wedgie or a dress that constricts your free flowing movements.

Another part of feeling comfortable in front of a camera is feeling confident. We all have our own insecurities and there's no reason to draw our attention to them in photographs.

Show off the parts you love and hide the parts you're not so fond of... Know your body type and styles that flatter and choose your clothing pieces accordingly.  

*When it comes to children's clothing, be sure to choose clothing pieces that fit... "room to grow" looks sloppy in photos. 

*Jackets, cardigans, and such tend to run big so you'll want to try on a size smaller, so it doesn't end up hanging off the shoulders. 


Natural locations:  Think treed areas and open fields. If opting for gardens or flowered areas, you’ll want to be sure the background isn’t too distracting from the subject(s) of your photos- your fabulous self!  A good rule of thumb is to stick to 3 or fewer colors in the background. For the loveliest of light, early in the morning as the sun rises, or late in  the afternoon just before sunset are the best times of day to shoot in a natural location. 

*If your location is outdoors and there's any type of greenery... keep it casual and avoid green in your color palette. You want to stand out in your photos, not blend in. 

Urban locations:  With their intriguing alleyways and buildings of various colors and textures, urban locations offer a good variety of backgrounds to choose from. There is also plenty of available open shade, so the time of day we shoot is more flexible.

*Think a little more on the formal side in an urban environment.

Your home:  A good option for documentary/lifestyle sessions, where we're aiming to capture the magic in the everyday. Be sure to tidy up a bit before your photographer arrives, removing distracting elements such as excess toys and knick knacks that can detract from telling the story you wish to tell of your home and your family.

*For documentary/lifestyle sessions, wear what you would wear at home but dress it up a bit. Don't worry about coordinating here, the focus of these sessions is on capturing the beauty of your real life moments, not your ability to get super stylish for a photo shoot.


Wondering where to shop?

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