Life Book 2016 [Review]

Sketching a face is no longer frustration filled!

For over a decade now I’ve been art journaling, creating mixed media, and engaging in so many more things art and craft related in order to grow my spirit and feed my bliss. I’ve been watering my garden with my love of creativity and my soul flowers are in full bloom.

I’ve made terrible art and enjoyed every second of it knowing full well that there is nothing but beauty to be found in the expression of our essential selves. I’ve made beautiful art and triumphed in the joy of my persistence paying off.

Creating has seen me through some difficult times, breathing life into my broken bits… And I’ve got art pieces and journal pages that serve as beautiful reminders of the good times.

I’ve scoured the internet for inspiration and education. I’ve spent hours in my local library art section, ordered my fair share of books off Amazon, started countless conversations with any creative that was happy to share about their process, and read art blogs until my eyes went numb.

And all these years later, I find Tamara Laporte and fall immediately, deeply in love with her style and her whimsy. So naturally I became instantly curious about this whole “Life Book” thing.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I sat down with the first video in my first lesson, but Life Book promises a lot, and more than delivers. I was excited to delve in.

I made a french press of dark roast, and sat entranced throughout the remainder of the lesson's videos.

My first "quirky bird", inspired by our youngest girl child. 

...I continued down the path of unconventional animals.


What is LifeBook? 

LifeBook is a year-long online course focused on self-development and healing in which Tamara Laporte and her 23 guest instructors share tips and techniques while creating loose mixed media journal pages that, at the end of the course, get bound together into one big, fabulous record of your creativity! It includes in-depth instructional videos, artist interviews, audio meditations, writing prompts and more. And with at least one lesson/activity per week, you are sure to stay inspired and be consistently creating all year long. 

I would say that it’s worth it’s weight in gold, but a more appropriate way to put it is that it’s worth it’s weight in art supplies…but since I'm referring to downloadable bits on the interwebs, I guess this isn’t saying exactly what I’m trying to say... But you get my point.

No matter where on the spectrum of creativity you believe your art skills sit, you will surely grow as a person and an artist with this course.

You can download the lessons and work at your own pace, so it's not too late to sign up for Life Book 2016.


Life Book 2017, registration just opened up!