The Giant Leopard Moth | Lensbaby Sweet35

The LIMH family collects insects. The littles learn about insect parts and classification and I get to play with macro photography in the process. 

These images were shot with the Lensbaby Sweet35 with macro attachments.

None of us are any stranger to catching bugs, so when Nikki spotted this lovely creature, she brought it to me to photograph. 

Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) is my favorite order of insect. And of the two, moths are my very favorite.

It isn't difficult to find the beauty in a butterfly, or to come across a truly beautiful butterfly. Coming across a truly beautiful moth, however, is a beautiful and rare experience.

Simply spotting this one before she flew away would have been enough to bring a serious smile to my face. I was just overjoyed to get the opportunity to photograph her.

A quick google search identifies her as a Giant Leopard Moth.

*She did not get added to our collection, she was released after her photo session.