Learning, Growing & Playing in the Dirt

Our little (err...not so little) family has started a garden, and I'm nearly positive that as long as I keep my distance we might actually be able to grow something.  I'm not keeping my distance, I'm actually having a great time working outside and watching the kids' growing connection to their food and the earth that sustains them.  I am however, trusting that the other adults in this house will keep our seedlings alive to see another day because if experience is proof of anything, I was definitely NOT born with a green thumb.

It's days like this that remind me how grateful I am for this life of ours, for every moment I spend with the littles and the opportunity I am blessed with to watch their minds unfolding, to see the learning happening in the here and now.  To watch this real-amazing-beautiful life teach them all they need to know.  Unschooling is such a beautiful thing, we've got the time and the freedom to let the magic of life unfold... the space to take it oh-so-slowly and savor the moments.  Without someone else imposing their ideas of what they should be learning, the littles are thirsty for knowledge and soak it up through every question, every experiment, every seed that they plant.