Kicking Your Creative Rut to the Curb

Our computers and art table are all in our living room. Every time we try to work, we've got front row seats to the never-ending chaos that is life with 4 kids and 3 dogs. Add me to this scenario, creative space ranger that I am, and you get a magical brew of fabulous and distracted.

I simply do not have time or energy to spend on a creative rut. It's often a big enough task finding time to be creative. Sometime around the middle or end of last year, I simply decided I just wasn't going to allow myself  to do that anymore. With a little practice making the most of my moments, I began to see how truly sacred my creative time is. Each moment I get to spend dancing with the universe in an act of co-creation is truly a blessing. This understanding has led to my resolve to not squander a moment of it feeling stuck.

Each moment I get to spend dancing with the universe in an act of co-creation is truly a blessing.

As soon as I become aware of the first signs of stagnation, I commit to making a mark. I work on several pieces in various journals and on various surfaces and with a variety of mediums, and I'll make a mark on as many of them as I feel inclined. But I make a commitment to myself of making a mark, with a mark making tool, on a mark making surface. This can end in anything from a few foundations for future art journals to small but significant positive forward motion on the piece that I stagnated on, and sometimes even to a completed work ready to be scanned and then sealed. 

There are no mistakes in my brand of mixed brand of art.

There are only opportunities to try something new, opportunities to grow as an artist. I allow myself to be led by joy and wonder, slip into creating like a child, and choose a color and a texture of mark making medium that truly delights my senses. The further along I get on a piece, the longer I will linger with each mark making decision, sometimes playing with ideas for days before committing paint to canvas. 

The important part of this mark making commitment to myself is not the speed with which I lay down the paint/ink/charcoal/whatever...rather the intention itself. It's gotten much easier for me to discern which thoughts are me trying to be deliberate in tone or composition, and which thoughts are me just afraid to make a move. I try to remain aware of who is talking in my head, my inner critic or my inner mentor. 

Art is soul and I don't know about you, but my soul's got no room for criticism.

I'm just trying to make sense of this whole human thing, and I make art as an expression of the lifelong journey to enlightenment that we're all on. Intention is powerful. Attention follows intention and we're creating our realities with our thoughts. What are you giving your attention to? Are you daydreaming worry and calling in troubles? or are you daydreaming love and calling in abundance? 

How do you keep yourself from getting stuck in a rut? Share with us in the comments!