Book Review | Beautiful Faces

Books are an investment of time (and money). At this point in my life, I have 4 children (three under 7 years old...unschooling). I am creating. I own a business. I am working as a creative. It's big and leaves little space for frivolities. 

The wild-and-free creative in me says "nothing artsy/craftsy could possibly be frivolous!".

But, the businessperson in me knows it can be. And for me it tends to be. I've got a lot of work to do outside of the art and photographs that I create. 

My life is full to bursting with the beauty and chaos of life with littles, projects and deadlines and paint to be spilled on canvas... and pixels captured. Starting a new book is a commitment that I don't take lightly, especially a book that isn't about business and how to build a better one. Beyond that, I've got my own ideas for books I want to start writing! 

I've soaked up more than my fair share of inspiration and now I need let out a slow breath of art and love. I'm not out looking for books on new art techniques; right now, I'm in the studio making art.

But... I've been feeling a little stirring in my soul; a calling. The moment is right. I want to draw faces. 

I've been adding books on the subject to my Amazon wish list and finally I chose this one and ordered it. And now, I'm learning to draw faces! :::Squee:::

*I must be excited, it's out of character for me to speak in onomatopoeias on the blog; though real life me enjoys opting for the onomatopoeia over the sound.

So...anyhow... I ramble to add emphasis when I say; I am so glad I ordered this book!

I am so glad I ordered this book!

This book takes the reader from an in-depth look at supplies, to the basics such as proportion and shading, followed by a chapter dedicated to the details, including the absolute best look at how to draw hair that I can recall ever having seen. Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces finishes with a handful of delicious mixed media techniques and plenty of gorgeous images to inspire.

While I'm not new to mixed media or sketching, the human face is something I've always struggled with and learning how to draw it has been on my bucket list for some time. I've got a love of portraiture in all of it's forms, from pencils to pixels! 

Beautiful Faces arrived with the mail on Saturday and I was transfixed.

Jane Davenport provides a whimsical and engaging experience that's part art class, part mixed media adventure.

Trying to get familiar again with the weight of a pencil in my hand, and the way one's wrist moves when sketching (it's been awhile), I reached for my moleskine and quickly sketched this tiny face.

I studied the art and the instructions, happily flipping through page after page... and then I reached for a larger work surface, one that left more room for detail. The hand+book watercolor journal! (The one that Maddie suggested we get for the family to share.) And this is my second sketch...

If I may divulge a piece of personal information here, I had a tendency to ruin anything I tried to color. I've moved quite a ways past that now, but am still afraid of every sketch I'm pleased with. And I was very pleased with this sketch. But I wanted to color it. And I was feeling inspired; and brave.*

*I started to write fearless here but chose brave instead as fearless is an absence of fear, and I was not only afraid, but certain that I would ruin my sketch.  Bravery is the willingness to move forward in spite of that fear. And forward I went...

I'm sure happy I was feeling brave.

Make art.

Feed your spirit.

Share the journey.