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Hard days...and life lessons

Hard days...and life lessons

Yesterday was hard.  

Yesterday I was having a hard time...  just dealing with life and it's never-ending demands.  I was shitty with my kiddos, I was shitty with Nikki... hell, I even snarled at the dogs. Yesterday was some seriously hard stuff for me.  

Yesterday, I forgot to be grateful that I'm here, now, and able to give everything I've got to this bold act of balancing the energies of a life well lived.  Yesterday, I forgot that I'm choosing this DIY life, and that being an active participant... showing up at life's door each and every day and saying "lets give this everything we've got.  lets make something beautiful."...certainly isn't without it's own struggles and it's own (satisfied) kind of tired.  

Yesterday, the struggle that life sometimes seems to be eclipsed reality for me for awhile.  I let myself focus on the difficulties rather than live inside my gratitude... and in so doing,  I let it slip my mind that the struggle is far outweighed by the magic. 

I was so easily able to forget all of this because I've been neglecting my own self-care. With four homeschooled kiddos, a blog, and a business to run...the addition of opening the studio has required much of the last of my energy stores and every single second of my 'free' time.  I feel like I've been "on" for 20 hours a day for the past few weeks... and even in my sleep I dream about work.  It's been 'go-go-go!' and I've not so much as bothered to pause, take a breath and a hot epsom salt bath, and follow it up with a couple of hours of doing absolutely nothing.  I can't even recall the last time I fabricated a reason to go to a craft store.  A little retail therapy isn't a bad thing from time-to-time.  

Today, I am choosing to reconnect with the eternal that is woven into the very fabric of my being.

Today, I plan to walk barefoot in the grass, to turn on a playlist that I love and get up from this computer and move my body.  Today, I will take my vitamins, eat my vegetables, and get some fresh air.  

I also plan to paint the walls of the studio, write another blog, work on a couple of shoots, and follow up with a couple of potential clients.  Today, like every day, there is a lot on my plate.  My approach to the work, offering myself a foundation of self-care and choosing to live in gratitude instead of the difficulty of it all, is going to make all of the difference to the outcome.  

Living a conscious, created life isn't about always getting it right, it's about being willing to show up each day and do the work, striving to be your best self, and recognizing (faster and faster each time) when you've gotten off course.  

It's difficult to dwell within gratitude when we're depleted; to stay on the path, self-care is vital. What was the last thing you did for yourself?  What are you grateful for?

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