Liven Up Your Next Game Night With These 3 quirky DIY Games From Lovely Indeed

Lovely Indeed is one of my favorite creative lifestyle blogs featuring everything from travel tips and destinations, to favorite recipes, to home decor, to all sorts of DIY projects...
Like these 3 super creative DIY games sure to be a hit at your next game night!

1. Wes Anderson Guess Who

A hipster spin on a timeless children's board game, complete with 42 printable Wes Anderson characters illustrated by Hailey Nowak.


2. BattleSweets!

A sweet take on yet another childhood classic. With a handful of materials and a few spare hours, you too can enjoy destroying your bestie's sugary confections!


3. L.A. Chutes and Ladders

So I know I totally talked shit on Chutes and Ladders in a recent post... but I think ladders made of things like your Instagram going viral or stumbling onto a film set, and chutes made of your brunch spot running out of avocado toast or the beach closing due to a great white sighting is definitely a board game I could get behind!

Check out the complete DIY Game Series by Lovely Indeed for more game night inspiration!