Food is Medicine | Ginger


At the first signs of illness, the LIMH family will go to ginger (along with garlic and lemon) to alleviate symptoms and boost our immune systems. 

A few different ways we use ginger:

Add a couple teaspoons of fresh grated ginger root to boiling water and inhale the steam to alleviate congestion.

Mix fresh ground ginger with fresh ground garlic and raw honey and have yourself a tasty (kind of) immune boosting treat. 

A cup of ginger tea before a meal can improve digestion and help prevent heartburn.

From motion sickness to morning sickness, ginger is a good go-to remedy for a queasy tummy. Use it raw, cooked, brewed into a tea, tinctured... 

Treat arthritis with a paste of ginger and turmeric applied to the affected area, or you can boil a few slices of ginger and turmeric in water, strain, add honey and drink as a tea.

Ginger tea can also relieve menstrual cramps.


What do you use ginger for? Share your healing stories and recipes in the comments!