Fishing For Hearts | Styled Children's Photography

After a ton of fun prep work, amidst the chaos of a house full of kids and dogs, with a partner headed to the Emergency Room, somehow we still managed to pull off this Valentine's Day shoot.

Much thanks to our fabulous model and my trusty assistant!

There was much fun to be had playing in the clouds!  So much so that as we were wrapping up, the rest of the kiddos descended upon the set (and what was left of a 10lb. box of polyfill) and a tiny cloud party ensued.

Even more than great photos, when I am photographing a child I want them to have great fun. We aren't just making images, we're making memories... 

Fishing for hearts in the clouds... One kiddo turning into six and a ton 'o fun with a box of fluff... I'd call this shoot a wild success.