First Retirement | Mount Dora, FL Portrait Photography

We recently had the pleasure of shooting a couple of good friends; the quirky, darling little duo behind the joy that is Whispering Winds. 


 Meet Kim and Jim Pinson; local shop owners and self-described weirdos.  

We were truly in our element on this shoot and we had so. much. fun. So much fun. With the string of handmade, stuffed rainbow fish, a couple of wands, and a vast selection of scarves and fedoras we were sure to have a fabulous, silly time.  

My motto is "fun before photos"; I strive to make the entire process as enjoyable as possible. The most fabulous photos come when everyone is having fun. 

"That was the most relaxing and fun time that we've had in a loooong time!" --Kim

{mission accomplished.}