Elephants on PCP | or 2016 in a Nutshell

2017 is going to be the year of better things.

I am calling that into my life, and if your year has been anything like mine (and from what I can see on social media, I am not alone in this), I suggest you call it into yours as well.

2016 was the year of trash fires and 3 ring circuses where the elephants were all on PCP and the monkeys were all rabid. 

And I am seriously forced, for the next four years, to say "president trump". What a perfect ending to a year that has felt as though I've been trapped in an alternate dimension created by the mind of a terribly mentally disturbed alien (as in the grey kind, not the kind Trump wants to build a wall for).

The 2016 shit storm has outstayed it's welcome and I, for one, am ready to move the f*ck on now.

I am already bored to tears with the doomsday scenarios to be found on social media, dire predictions about the economy and our freedoms and our planet, made by friends and popular news media alike. 

Am I fond of a Trump presidency, an entirely republican congress, and looming environmental disasters?


Am I ready to start a conversation about how we plan to move forward, working to create a better future, and drop the dialogue of fear?


Because we are what we believe. Reality is what you make of it. Energetics is crazy f*cking important...what kind of vibe do you want to send out? What kind of resonance do you want to call forth to yourself? I am asking these things as much of myself as I am asking them of you.

Sometimes, we all need to be reminded of the power of positivity. 

Don't worry, I am human, and the pessimist in me took some moments to imbibe her fair share of whiskey once the election results were in. 

And now I'm ready to pull myself up out of the mud, dust off my boots, and attract all of the beautiful, wonderful things in the coming year. 

Here is where I start, with a lot of intention and as much hope and positivity as my weary self can muster.

I am writing this now to purpose that we all raise our glasses (of water, we've had enough booze and likely need the hydration) in a toast....

Here's to health and prosperity...

Kindness and community...

Love triumphing over hate...

And a future overflowing with peace and light and all of the beautiful we can build together.