Playing With Paint | DIY Father's Day Cards

Father's Day is just around the corner! We've got grandfathers here in Missouri and a dad who really misses them at home in Florida...and, cards! We needed cards!

In the scrambling to get 6 of us ready for a trip across 5 states, I had completely forgotten about Father's Day. 

I take the handmade approach nearly every time it is possible, so naturally I gathered some supplies, and a couple of the kiddos. 

I was not trying to involve all 4 of them at the same time...that would be chaos.
And I wanted greeting cards, not chaos. 

Even though I packed half of my art table, blank cards are not amongst my supplies. I improvised and folded a 9"x12" sheet of mixed media paper in half. No bone I improvised more, and flattened the fold with a metal ruler. 

With a little assistance and direction, the kiddos painted three fabulous backgrounds for their cards.

(They really enjoyed the process of using masking tape to make the stripes.) 

We stamped the words onto strips of sketch paper, Distress Ink'd the edges, and used gel medium as our adhesive.

In less than an hour the littles had made 3 fabulous fathers day cards and learned a little bit more about mixing medias in the process. 

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