Collective Quarterly | Slab City

Just a few hours down I-10, southeast of Los Angeles, you can find "the last free place in America"...

Image Credit : Eric Thayer/Reuters
Image Credit: The HOWL Collective

I recently stumbled upon The Collective Quarterly, a magazine for folks who "delight in the uncommon", and got joyfully lost in reading articles mid-workday. 

This is where I discovered Slab City.

"Part homeless camp, part hippie commune, part anarcho-autonomous group, part artist enclave, and part squatter community."

Image Credit : Eric Thayer/Reuters
Image Credit: Katie Scoggins

I love stories of real people, intentional living, and radical self-reliance. The taste of freedom, the wild west feeling in the air of Southern California... the spirit of outcasts and runaways...

With words and images as beautiful as they are evocative, The Collective Quarterly piece on Slab City takes you there.