It's a boy! | Mount Dora, FL

Titus Augustus was born at home, in the caul, in the water on August 30th.

A couple of weeks of prodromal labor, coupled with pelvic girdle pain that made sleep next to impossible...that's how life looked when we finally decided to start encouraging labor.  Even though walking was brutal for the pelvis (not to mention my feet!), I tried days of walking, massage, and acupressure.  No luck.  We invited our midwife over the morning of Saturday, August 30th, and after a quick visit, I mixed a few ounces of castor oil in a milk shake and waited.  And waited. And waited.  Eventually, I drank a few more ounces in more milk shake and waited some more.  The afternoon was full of contractions stimulated by the castor oil, but with no recognizable pattern and not growing in intensity, I was beginning to wonder if labor would ever really start.

And then it happened.  At around 6pm, labor started with contractions that were only a minute apart.  It didn't take long before I made my way to the birth pool.  The warm water was a blessing.  Things were happening fast, and before I knew it that one minute break shrank to no break at all, with a new contraction starting as the last one was wearing off.  After about an hour and forty-five minutes of intense labor, Titus Augustus joined us earth-side, in the water and in the caul.  Oh how I had hoped to have a baby born in the was pure magic.  (I was unaware at the time how rare of an occurrence this is-- approximately 1 in 80,000 births.)