Best 52 Photos of 2016 | National Geographic


Photo by: David Littschwager

It's that time of year again! A time of beautiful holiday light displays and photography site recaps of the year's best-of-the-best photos.

National Geographic does not disappoint.

Curated from 91 photographers, 107 stories, and 2,290,225 photographs, National Geographic brings you the best 52 photos of 2016. 

Photo by: Joe Riis

Photo by: Thomas Peschak

The images are captivating... a wondrous display of the struggle and the beauty of our human experience.

Photo by: Brent Stirton

Included below each photo in the gallery is a caption with a short description and the photographer's name. Some of the captions can be more intense than the photos themselves.

From the beauty of our wild world to the rawness and vulnerability of our human lives... prepare to be awestruck by these images.