Another Trip Round the Sun | T's First Birthday

Titus turns 1, the photo shoot, was so very disorganized. I had a really good idea of what I was going to do. Cake, not cake; simple set, tons of props; 'poppy' high dynamic range kind of edit; indoors on a seamless, with balloons or maybe without...

I had a lot of great ideas. And nothing was certain until the end. Nothing was certain until the 10 minutes between light testing and shooting. And this is how I work best. I had the most fun. The pictures are stunning and the process was flawless in it's chaos. Just writing this here to remind myself of what I love of photography; it's ability to forever freeze the messiness of all of our beautiful moments. This shoot was messy for sure!... in more ways than one!

And this little babe, and I, and his Nikki and his dad.. with his sisters and his brother and all of their magic. Together we laughed, and we learned, and we grew, and we loved our way through his first trip 'round the sun.

Cheers! to our littlest little who isn't so little anymore! and the start of another year of loving and growing.

Gluten free, refined sugar free doughnut recipe from elana'
DIY icing made from coconut butter, vanilla extract, maple syrup, and cream cheese; breastmilk optional.