About Me | Photography

This is not one of the cameras I photograph with, obviously. This is a prop that sits in the garage waiting for a moment of creative inspiration to strike, or a moment of 'I can't think of anything else to get this shot, why don't I just grab one of those props off the shelf?!". Certainly came in handy here...I just don't think a modern camera makes as good of an image as a vintage one.

This might be the space where I might ramble on a bit about how I came into relationship with light and the story of my first camera and all of the inspiring words to add fluff to this fairy tale 'girl meets camera' adventure. I don't want to do that. To be honest, I find it boring, so here's the short version: I've always felt compelled by photographic images, got my first camera at 16 and got serious about 6 years ago.

I'm more interested in your story, how did you come to love your chosen craft(s)?