5 Reasons Not to Be in the Moment

Meditation, journaling, yoga, qi gong... who on earth has time for all of this consciousness expanding stuff?! If you tire of feeling bad for the yoga pose you're not in right now, or the 10 minutes you didn't spend in lotus position quieting your mind this morning... check out this list of 5 reasons why you shouldn't even bother!

5 Reasons not to be in the moment

  • You've spent years practicing and perfecting the art of living unconsciously and you've heard you should stick to what you're good at.
  • You enjoy stress and would prefer to live in the past and the future of which you have no control in order to make sure your personal stress level is as high as it possibly can be.
  • You're already disappointed with this incarnation and are hoping for better things in the afterlife.
  • Distracted has become your identity and you wouldn't want to do anything silly (such as cultivating your personal zen) that could strip you of the fundamentals of who you are as a person and set you adrift in a new world of joy and fulfillment. 
  • The idea of "life being short" is nonsense and you're trying to get this sh*t over with already.

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