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10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Littles

10 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Littles

With the holidays fast approaching, I have found myself rounding up a list of awesome gifts for the littles. I found some really amazing stuff and wanted to share!  



For any littles who spend a lot of time digging and building in the dirt, this hand shovel would be a super cool gift idea!


Who doesn't like a gift that exercises their brain? This maze game from Perplexus looks fun and challenging. 


...or maybe you'd like a different kind of maze game? This game from ThinkFun mixes a traditional maze with gravity and logic.


Build and learn some science at the same time with these Periodic Table Blocks from Uncle Goose. 

Have a kiddo that needs to have fun while they eat? We got this utensils set for our little guy last year and he absolutely loves it! Mashed potatoes turn into a construction site every time. 


Plan Toys are great, and I am sure your little monkeys will love these little monkeys. 


Mr.Puppet is a big hit in our house...the littles and the bigger kids both love him. You can pick from three colors and a varying number of eyes! 


Giant Microbes are awesome, too! We have E. Coli, but Neuron is on our wishlist! 


We love logic games and this one is great. You can play in different ways to make it more or less difficult and it teaches the basics of programming...bonus! 


I love the idea of this nightlight with lighted balls that the littles can carry with them through the dark. Whether they are making their way to the bathroom, or just needing a little extra light in their room at night, these portable night-lights look super handy! 

Do you have a favorite gift idea for littles? Share it with us in the comments...

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