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10 Adorable Children's Boutiques

10 Adorable Children's Boutiques

Children's fashion is a thing the LightInMyHands team thinks about a lot. Not only are clothing choices extremely important to our style of photography, but we dress four of our own little ones, too! Here's a list of our go-to children's boutiques for both girls and boys fashion:  


Lennon + Wolfe

Lennon + Wolfe is based on the premise that kids are people too, and their style and comfort matters. Their casual, muted-colored clothing is a little grungy, and totally timeless. 


I Love Gorgeous

I Love Gorgeous is just that...gorgeous. Featuring collections for babies and girls up to age 13, their style is super sparkly and great for special occasions. They were also recently featured in one of our favorite kids' fashion publications, Milk. 


Scout and Co. Kids

Scout & Co is an award-winning online boutique that offers not only clothing, but toys, decor, books and even some gifts for mamas. They feature such fabulous brands as Little Titans and Indikidual


Matilda Jane Clothing

Matilda Jane is unique in that their collections are offered exclusively by "Trunk Keepers" and sold at parties hosted by "Janes" (that would be you!) 

Their collections feature playful patterns and fabulous textures, all in bright colors that are irresistible to any young girl who loves to look (and feel) whimsical. 


Tutu Du Monde

Designer Andrea Rembeck brings a beautiful theatrical feel to Tutu Du Monde. Her collections are vintage-inspired, and utterly beautiful! 


Fleur & Dot

Fleur & Dot offer lines of girls and boys clothes, as well as a collection of vintage finds. They also have a collection of downloadable patterns and DIY ideas! 


Salt City Emporium

Salt City Emporium is a design house based in Salt Lake City. Their style is rebellious and fun, and they offer styles in limited, exclusive collections for girls and boys. They also have a women's line! 


Tea Collection

Tea Collection features clothes for clothes for newborns, boy and girls up to size 12. They also feature a speciality Alpaca Shop with heirloom-quality Alpaca-blend knits crafted in Peru. 


Finn and Emma

All of Finn and Emma's products are certified organic, eco-friendly and fair trade...not to mention super adorable! Products include girls, boys and gender-neutral clothing, accessories and toys. 



La-Di-Da is a New Jersey-based children's fashion boutique that features girls and boys clothing from infants up to size 16, as well as some decor pieces and toys. 

Have a favorite boutique that we haven't listed? We are always looking for new favorites... Share a link with us in the comments below!

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